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By any other name #twt

By any other name #twt

Ain’t nothing to do but start something new.

Ain’t nothing to do but start something new.

Round 1…..Fight!


Since starting full time work as a designer, i’ve noticed a serious decrease in my personal illustrative output.

To rectify that, i’ve decided to issue myself a challenge. The aim is to post an illustration, design or painting two weeks. 

I’ve started on the first one tonight, and aim to have it up by Monday/Tuesday night. And then i’ll start another and aim to have that up the 14 days after I could go on but i’m sure you know where i’m going with this.

Through out the days leading up, i’ll be posting snaps and teasers of my progress, and also a bunch of random stuff that i enjoy both on the web and IRL.

Hopefully the pieces will be of good technical ability and will slowly but surely develop my ideas towards a direction thats less “cool” and more me.

Expect lots of similar subject matter as I slowly progress through themes and narrative content.

Stay steady. I hope you enjoy the show…